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A Chicken for my Girlfriend

A Chicken for my Girlfriend

Matt is an expert chef, so his girlfriend has asked him to make her an exquisite chicken dish. However, he's a bit nervous and he doesn't know how to start preparing it. Help him to achieve his goal so that his girlfriend will be satisfied.

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Click on 'Start' to begin; click the mouse pointer on each of the circles, starting with the green one, to cut the chicken. Click on the parsley and dill to cut them with the knife. Click on the garlic and onion to peel them. Click the hand and click on the chicken to season it. Click on one of the products; drag them over to the bowl and click to mix them (you have to guess the correct order to add the ingredients to make the marinade). Click on the pieces of chicken to marinade them and they'll cook automatically. Do it well and you'll get a high score.




A Chicken for my GirlfriendA Chicken for my Girlfriend