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King Kong vs Gorilla

King Kong vs Gorilla

King Kong and this gorilla have arrived in New York; they're perched on top of the highest buildings in the city and they're throwing huge bananas at one another.


You can play against the computer or a friend. Choose which animal you want to play and type your name underneath it. If you click on the square, you'll play against the computer. Click on the arrow in the bottom right to start. Control the animal on the left by clicking on the options for the force and angle of the throw; press the spacebar to launch the banana. The animal on the right is controlled using the arrow keys (up and down set the force; left and right, the angle); press 'Enter' to launch your banana. If you hit your opponent, your score will increase. The arrow in the centre indicates the direction in which the wind is blowing.




King Kong vs GorillaKing Kong vs Gorilla