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Cat Lover. The cat and his love.

Cat Lover. The cat and his love.

This cat is in love with a very pretty cat. Now he has to pick up food and the hearts she throws at him. He must jump very high to get them.

Joe is a brave cat. All the dogs are afraid of him. He fell in love with a pretty kitty and wants to conquer her heart. You must dodge the food and collect the hearts.


bombs, animal, love, cats, food


Click the mouse on the first button to play East. Use the mouse to move the cat. Click the mouse to build up strength and release to catch the fish and hearts before they fall to the ground. If you do, your score increases. Collect the clocks, they give you extra time. Do not let the bombs, newspapers or umbrellas touch you or miss. You have limited time.




Cat Lover. The cat and his love.Cat Lover. The cat and his love.